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Travel Agency SIA "De Mare Ad Mare Baltic" welcomes you from Latvia, a small country situated on the shores of the Baltic Sea, one of the three "Baltic tigers". Since 2004 Latvia is a member of the European Union and since 2014 is also in the Eurozone. Latvia was invited to join the OECD in 2016.


We have many reasons to love our country. We admire the atmosphere of Hanseatic Riga, with its old town, art nouveau and modern architecture. We love Jurmala for its pine forests and 32 kilometres of sandy beaches. In the autumn we like to get out to Sigulda, from the hills where the neighbourhood resemble yellow-red carpet. Although we sometimes grumble about capricious, changeable and cool Baltic climate, we also like it.

When we talk about Latvia, among the main advantages we usually note its advantageous geographical position between East and West. It is said that for the neighbours to the east Latvia was and still is the familiar West, whereas for the neighbours to the west Latvia is the comfortable East. Indeed, the features of the Latvian, German, Swedish and Russian culture make Latvia’s appearance inimitable and unique in its kind.

Whether you are traveling from west to east or from east to west, you may find it helpful to make a stopover in Riga. Well, right now on the English version of our website we can offer online services for booking airline tickets, booking hotels and purchasing travel insurance. In limited mode travel packages online are also available, but the tours are conducted in Russian and Latvian mainly.

Please be patient, since in the near future we plan to collaborate with partners, who host tourists from different countries in the Baltic countries and Russia. And, therefore, the entire set of services they offer in English will be at your disposal. We will also continuously update information about the Baltic States, Russia and the CIS.


Yours faithfully,

Vladislavs Petrovs
Chairman of the Board

Photo: Victorija Sjargi, from the personal archive

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